Concert Programs of Musica Poetica:


„I Shall Dress in Black“ – Lenten Church Music

„A Star Shall Come out of Sion“ – Baroque German Advent Music and Poetry

„Love´s Frolicsome Games“ – French Baroque Music and a Little Poetry

„The Phoenix and the Fountain“   – Early English Music and Poetry

„Joy of the Hearth“ –  Easter Baroque Music

„The Golden Age of Spain“ –  Spanish Music and Poetry of the 16th – 18th Centuries

„Hommage a  Händel“ – chamber music with  English Poetry

„Hommage a Bach“ – chamber music with poetry of P. Gerhardt

„Women of Baroque“ – Concert with Women Composers of the 16th – 18th Centuries.                                                              Program:  F. Caccini, B. Strozzi, I. Leonarda

„From Archive of Kroměříž“–  Music from the collection of Castle Kroměříž                                                                                   Program: G. Carissimi, A. Bertali, P. J. Vejvanovský,B. Bridel

„Polish Baroque“ – Concert of Polish Baroque Sacred Music

Skandinavian Baroque“ –  Program: J. H. Roman, D. Buxtehude, Ch. Geist, L. Holberg

„Stabat Mater“ – Sacred Music of A. Vivaldi

„A. Scarlatti – Stabat Mater“

„Ukrainian Baroque“ – chamber and choral works by Ukrainian authors                                                                                     Program: D. Bortnjanskij, D. Tuptalo, H. Skovoroda


Music and drama performances

„Händel in Italy“ – musical drama performance from the young composer´s travels

„Pygmalion“ – the fate of the creator of melodrama J. A. Benda